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Europe has suffered from high gas prices for decades which prompted trailer designers to engineer trailers that can be pulled safely by smaller, more fuel-efficient tow vehicles.

Europeans have been developing well-engineered, aerodynamic horse trailers much longer than we have in North America. We have the benefit of learning from their years of experience.

Three outstanding criteria must be met:

  • Maximum tongue load of 113 kg (250 lbs) for trailers 14′ or shorter, 150kg (330 lbs) for trailers 14’+
  • Independent mechanical or hydraulic braking system.
  • Features to create a silent, cool, comfortable space for your horse(s)

In accordance with European road regulations, European engineers design “self-balancing” horse trailers – bearing their weight over the wheels and “leaning” a maximum of 4% of the GVWR onto the tow vehicle. The tow vehicle “guides” the trailer along the road, rather than “piggy-backing” it.

Conventional flat roofed, box-style trailers create a vacuum when in tow, which requires a strong engine to break the vacuum. The aerodynamic roof line of Böckmann trailers eliminates the vacuum and sway, so no need for a strong engine. By transferring the load back to the trailer itself, and by creating aerodynamic roof-lines, a smaller vehicle can tow a Böckmann-designed trailer.

Safety & Comfort

Böckmann trailers have been designed with your horses’ safety and comfort in mind.

  • Silent, cool and spacious interior ensures your horse enjoys the best possible conditions during transport.
  • Anti-panic stall system allows you to release the chest bars from outside the trailer, in the event of emergency.
  • Tinted safety windows open in five different ways to direct airflow for maximum comfort for your horse(s).
  • The ramp/rear door fully closes. Ventilation design maintains a consistent temperature inside the trailer, ensuring horses are kept cool with continual access to fresh air.
  • Rear door has a storm door flap that can be fully closed or left open depending upon season or weather conditions.
  • Adjustable stall width for foaling mares and yearlings.
  • 5′ long loading ramps, allowing horses to stand with all 4 feet on the same plane as they enter or exit the trailer.

Böckmann Design Excellence

Outstanding Features

  • Arrive at the show relaxed and ready to perform
  • Silent, cool and spacious
  • Safety windows
  • Maintains a consistent temperature
  • The rear ramp has a storm door flap
  • Adjustable stall width and length
  • Maximum tongue weight: 150 kg 330 lbs)
  • Engineering: Read more

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