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Comfort 2018 18-006 Green
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$17,860.00 $16,850.00
Manager's Special:  Striking trailer in BRIGHT GREEN ** PRP Body & Polyester Roof Perfect for Hunter-Jumper Riders
2 horse - 17 hands,  Straight Load,  Internal height 7'6", English Tack Cupboard 14' Total Length, Two 31" wide stalls , Loaded Tongue Weight Max: 215 Lbs  
Comfort 2018 18-044
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$18,000.00 $17,400.00
See me at 2018 Böckmann Comfort: 2 horse, Straight Load - 17 hands, Internal height 7'6" Royal Blue,  Large jumper Decor, External Tie Bar English version tack storage, rear ramp load, LTW max: 215 Lbs
Böckmann's celebration of 30 Years of the Master series! This Special Edition Comfort is the only one brought to Canada - a unique piece of Böckmann history. Offered in a limited edition Slate & Grey Colour with the coloured competition decor on the roof and 4 Alloy wheels for the same price as a base trailer - this Comfort also comes with an aluminum floor and an external tie bar as its only upgrade! PRP Body & Polyester Roof,  7'6" Interior Height,  Two 31"w stalls  2 horse Straight Load - 17 hands,  Loaded Tongue Weight: 215 Lbs Rear 5' Ramp entry
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Big Master WCF 2018 18-008
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As classic as a little black dress, the black metallic Big Master WCF is striking towed behind any vehicle! Beautiful BLACK METALLIC PRP Body & Polyester Roof, Poly Side brace Covers and Fenders, Large Jumper Decor in Silver Elite WCF Suspension + Unique Saddle Storage area 2 horse - Straight Load,  up to 18 hands, Total Trailer Length: 16'3",  LTW max : 215 Lbs 7'7" Internal Height, Two 33" wide stalls,