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Duo Western 2019 19-030
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Duo Western- Sporty entry-priced trailer for 2 horses!
Black Laminate Wall/Silver Metallic  Roof, Wisadeck Floor, galvanized steel frame and chassis
Two Horse - 16.3hds - Internal Height 7'6"   Total Trailer Length 14'7"  LTW Max: 215 Lbs Western Tack Cupboard, External Tie Bar, Small Andalusian Decor  
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$18,470.00 $17,700.00
This Western Champion R is the ideal trailer for a barrel racer, cattle sorter, leisure trail rider or breeder- with stall adjustments suitable specifically for Quarter Horses, Arabs, Appendix, Paso Finos, Icelandics and other medium horse breeds. Dark Blue Metallic Roof/Bow, Silver Anodized Aluminum Wall- Aluminum Floor, Galvanized Steel frame and chassis Two Horses - 16hds, Straight Load with Tack - 7'6" Internal Height, 14'9" Total Length, LTW: 215 Lbs max (4% of GVWR) Navy Blue Metallic Roof/bow, Rear Door-Ramp combo (ramp/step-up entry), External Tie Bar, Mare & Foal Decor