Comfort 2018 18-044

Comfort 2018 18-044

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$18,000.00 $17,400.00

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2018 Böckmann Comfort: 2 horse, Straight Load – 17 hands, Internal height 7’6″
Royal Blue,  Large jumper Decor, External Tie Bar
English version tack storage, rear ramp load, LTW max: 215 Lbs


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The Comfort series are classy horse trailers for horses to 17hh.

Travel in Style! Presented with the bright Royal Blue colour on this Comfort horse trailer, you get the optional external tie bar/saddle rack and a Large jumper decor by Jan Künster

Comfort trailer standards:

These Comfort trailers are stylish with the added side wall pads and chest bar foam covers. Safety first for our horses with adjustable stall bars to ensure a comfortable stall fit, rubber treads on the 5′ entry ramp to reduce slipping in rain and snow, tinted pop-out windows for air flow, external stall bar release in the event of an emergency, ramp and door handles designed to reduce tangles with lead lines. Your precious cargo gets a smooth quiet ride because of the self-adjusting mechanical braking system  (overrun braking by KNOTT) + CFF shocks on an independent torsion suspension. Worth a second look!


Comfort Safety Features for your Horse

The integrated rubber safety treads on the rear ramp prevent horse or rider slipping during inclement weather.  All stall bars are adjustable to create the correct length of stall to fit your horse or pony.  Release the stall bars from outside the trailer using the MSS external release system, in the event of an emergency. Tinted pop-out windows reduce glare for the horses. Window placement allows air to gently enter the stall area and take the heat out the back of the trailer. Trailer tie rings, hay net ring and snack bowls atop of the saddle chest box allow you to create a safe comfortable space for your horses. You can tie your horses to the feet on the rear closed ramp, when working outside your trailer.  Add a tie bar for $160, which will also hold an English saddle.

Bright Interior Space

The Comfort offers the clear PVC dividing curtain hanging from the tubular steel stall divider. The PVC is clear, to keep that sense of open space, allowing the 2nd horse to see its buddy- like standing in the herd together. The bright white interior leaves no dark corners, creating a welcoming space. The 7’6″ internal height keeps an open feel to the trailer. Added stall wall pads and chest bar padding increase the level of comfort. Telescopic racks allow you to pull the saddle forward out of the cupboard before lifting it off the rack in the English tack cupboard.  The Comfort model is a mid-price level trailer for the owner who likes extra style.

Suited for 2 horses  to 17 hands -Adjustable chest & rear bars to accommodate large ponies to horses
Internal Height 7’6″, Two 31″ wide stalls- ample for most Medium size Horses   Loaded Tongue Weight: 215 Lbs

English Tack Storage- 2 saddle racks, broom, shovel, mirror, hooks, blanket bar

Come for a visit- meet Mattie & Trixi- the Maple Lane Greeters!

Pricing Options

Regular: $18,000

Monthly OAC: $244


Royal Blue PRP Body & Polyester Roof
External Tie Bar/English Saddle Rack
Large Jumper Decor

Standard Features

Wisadeck flooring covered by rubber mat covered by rubber mat – glued and sealed around the edges;
CFF Shocks/Independent Torsion Suspension – horses a super smooth ride ; ramp load with Böckmann’s safety tread rubber; clear PVC stall divider on galvanized tubular steel; additional stall bar padding on chest bars;
Automatic canvas storm lift with integrated wind screen; padded sides, Quick Release Multi-Safe System for chest and rear stall bars,

Integrated locking coupler plus spare wheel and cover, wheel chocks stored under the chassis.

Saddle Chest with 2 telescopic English Saddle racks + Kit (Mirror, net, broom & shovel), 1 shelf, blanket rack), multiple hooks.