Portax LK WCF 2019 19-020

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Portax LK WCF 2019 19-020

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Portax LK – Front Walk-Off Ramp!
Extra Long/Extra Tall, 2 horse  for horses to 18h,  straight load, Anodized Alu-panel walls & Floor,
Galvanized steel frame and chassis, WCF Chassis, Rear Door-ramp Combo, LTW: 250 Lbs Tow with Large SUV, CRV or your favourite truck!


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Classic Elegance in the ideal trailer- the Portax LK offers you style and world-class design standards in one trailer!

This unit is a classic Metallic Dark Blue Roof/Bow and a small Multi-Coloured Competition Decal.

Beautiful extra long Portax, the Portax LK offers an additional 2 ‘ of total trailer length, providing extra room to offload large horses from the front of the trailer.  The extra floor space also provides you room for extra hay bales for a weekend away, room to change between classes, or sit out of the rain with your horses at an outside event.  Loads of additional features over its regular K cousin, the Portax LK offers the owner 2 full height access doors into the horse stall, double lateral sliding side wall windows, portable feed/water buckets that mount on the inner groom door panel, additional rubber mat for wear protection against pawing or road studs, plus all the standard safety features for horses for which Böckmann is renowned world-wide. Will Black make the trailer hotter? No – the roof material is polyester which reflects suns heat- does not absorb it, so your horse remains cool in the trailer on a hot summer day!

This unit has the stunning Dark Blue metallic polyester roof and bow, and a small coloured competition decor on the sides. Call or Click to view this unit in person…Now on the lot!

Standard Features

Anodized Aluminum panel walls & floor with rubber mat – sealed and glued, WCF-Plus shock/coil spring suspension system built on Galvanized Steel Chassis. Rear -Door Ramp Combination Panoramic window, stall padding, Roof Vent, Chest Bar foam padding,  and Quick Release Multi-Safe System for chest and rear stall bars.

The LK version offers these extras: 2 sliding windows on each side of trailer, additional stall mat for wear protection against pawing and road studs/corks, 2 portable fee/water buckets, 2 full height groom doors – one on each side of horse stall, 2 extra feet of floor space ahead of the horses making it easier to off load Large Horses and to place extra bales of hay, a trunk, to change at a horse show, or sit out of inclement weather when at an outdoor event.

Front walk-off ramp…walk in the back and out the front –
Special Design: adjustable chest and centre-post/swivel stall divider makes it easy to exit out the front ramp

2 Groom/Escape Doors. Foam bar covers on chest bars, adjustable butt bars, 2 hay net hooks, storm canvas flap with integrated wind screen and Böckmann’s famous rubber ramps with integrated safety treads plus broom and shovel
Integrated locking coupler plus spare wheel and cover, wheel chocks stored under the chassis.


Metallic Dark Blue Poly Roof/Bow, Small Coloured Competition Decor


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