A stylish horse trailer with saddle storage, the Comfort creates a splash! Offered with English tack, the Comfort model can be all one colour or have
different colour roof and body. Suited for horses up to 17h, a variety of accessories allow you to customize the trailer to meet your needs.
Add an external tie bar, folding mounting step or Special Decor by Jan Künster.   GVWR of 2400kg/5291lbs.


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ARRIVED! Red Metallic 2023 Böckmann Comfort Western: 2 horse trailer, Independent Braking System - never be pushed by your trailer! Straight Load - 16 hands, Internal height 7'6", Dual Axle
Included Options: Metallic Red,  Rear Door-Ramp Combo, Small Andalusian Decor, Western tack storage, rear ramp load, LTW max: 215 Lbs
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What Makes the Comfort (English) Unique?

Stand out with a sharp, compact Comfort model! Built on a galvanized steel chassis with reinforced polyester walls (used in the racing yacht industry) and polyester roof, this unit is strong, durable yet a lighter overall weight. Ideal for medium ponies to horses up to 17hh, the Comfort model offers the horse owner a little bling!  Your horses are cared for with the added comfort of padded chest bars and side walls, as standard features. Do you board your horse(s) at a facility away from home and use a mid-large size SUV as a commuter vehicle for work? The Comfort is a perfect fit, providing a quiet balanced ride behind your tow vehicle. Smooth curves are built into the internal stall design – easy on the eye and on your horses’ safety. Offering Böckmann’s innovations in stall bar security and easy release, sturdy but lighter superstructures in long lasting, protected materials, the Comfort is a worthy investment!

  • pop-out tinted windows 
  • single black plastic fenders
  • simple stall bar fastening with 3-angled rear positions/2 chest bar positions
  • chest bars covered in black foam padding
  • side wall padding
  • lateral black kick plates
  • reinforced polyester walls (as seen in racing yacht industry)
  • stall divider with clear PVC curtain
  • solid PVC rear storm curtain with integrated wind screen
  • rear ramp entry with Böckmann patented integrated rubber treads and side stops


The Comfort  – English:inner horse stall photo of Comfort trailer

  • chest bar positions at heights suitable for warm bloods (2 settings)
  • rear stall settings with 3 positions adjusting stall length
  • English Saddle chest: 2 adjustable telescopic saddle racks
  • Smooth white interiors

GVWR Total Height Total Width Total Length Internal Height Internal Width Internal Length Head Space Payload LTW
Champion R (English/Western) 5291 lbs 2400 kg 9” 2730mm 7’ 2” 2200mm 14’9″ 4500mm 7’6” 2300mm 5’ 5” 1650mm 10’ 9” 3280mm 49” 1225mm 3300 lbs 1497 kg 211 lbs 96 kg

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Rubber Mat

  • Aluminum floor: extruded click floor panels made from robust double web profiles. This keeps road heat away from horses feet and legs.
  • Rubber mat is fully glued to floor and sealed to wall edges

Flooring Horse's Feet Aluminum floor

  • Locking North American 2″ couplers ensure you stay safely connected.
  • The superior overrun brakingsystem stops every time without ever pushing the tow vehicle.

Braking System


The Comfort has a galvanized steel chassis frame. The steel chassis secures the aluminum floor panels. Under the floor, there are longitudinal bars as well as cross-member pieces to provide the greatest strength.


The Comfort for has two 31” wide stalls + 7’6” internal height. The saddle chest sits in the nose of the trailer. Two tinted pop-out windows allow air to flow into the trailer. A hay ring centered in the roof and a bracket on top of the saddle chest offer different positions to tether hay bags or hay nets. Rings for trailer ties are found at the level of the chest bar.  This allows the horses to lower their heads for balance and clear their sinuses. Moving mare and foal? Purchase a pair of full trailer width stall bars, remove the 2 stall set-up, and provide a loose box for a safe ride home!

Baxter beside a Comfort Trailer

Baxter at the trailer

Comfort English Tack Cupboard

Comfort -English Tack Cupboard

Horse trailer loaded with tack and horse

Loaded to go!

Mare and Foal in Comfort trailer

Foal’s first ride in a Comfort!

Trailer Features

Although features can be added to trailers, there are standard features on Böckmann Horse Trailers.

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