The Portax Series: Form meets Function!

Portax models are built for warm bloods. A versatile trailer that is as functional for farm use as it is for moving your horses. Created for horses up to either 1.85m/18 hands at the withers in each model offers some robust features.

These models of the Portax series have a superstructure constructed of anodized aluminum double wall panels. Anodizing keeps the aluminum from corroding (similar process to the galvanizing of the steel chassis). Equipped with KNOTT’s overrun braking system (a mechanical braking system), galvanized steel side braces and chassis, Böckmann provides safety and stability for your horse.

Newly re-designed, the Portax Series offers some classy touches! A lowered panoramic window reduces glare for the horses. Added magnetic holders keep rear panels swung to the wall for ease of loading or tacking up your horse on the trailer. A new roof design takes even more advantage of aerodynamics, while offering you a larger tack locker. With a 20 year Warranty on the aluminum plank flooring, the Portax is a model for our times!

The rear door-ramp combination allows you to quickly swing the rear ramp out of the way to load a round bale, pallets of feed, shavings or to pick up fence rails. Also useful as a step-up entry for horses not trained to use a ramp. Full height groom doors, a variety of saddle storage options and a robust construction creates a long lasting, functional horse trailer. Cool interiors in summer and warm ones during the colder months due to the honey comb wall construction, the Portax Series cares for the comfort of your horses.

Explore the Portax Series

Portax E (english)

Built for the warmblood! A tidy taller tack cupboard – easy access from both sides of the trailer. Bright, airy and welcoming! For horses-18hh.


Portax SKA (Eng/ Western)

Generous Tack cupboard with 2 swivel out saddle racks support Eng/West saddles. Bright, airy and welcoming! For horses-18hh.


Portax K (Eng/ Western)

A front walk-off ramp makes trailering alone simple! Tack cupboard – 2 swivel out saddle racks Eng/West tack. For horses to 18hh


Protect the Ones You Love

Performance and functionality go hand-in-hand in a Portax Series horse trailer, mirroring those qualities of the horses we love!  Horses are part of our family, so all aspects of their care are important to us.


That’s why we use Böckmann horse trailers. Böckmann has many safety features and offers a smooth ride every time!


Knowing our horses are safe and comfortable makes travelling in style, a pleasure! When we arrive at our destination, we know the horses will be well rested and ready for their day ahead.

The best breeds
Portax Series
Choose a superior-quality horse trailer designed for towing behind an SUV! Built for longevity and balanced for fuel economy, the Portax series offers versatility in a range of models for both English and Western riders. 20 Yr Warranty on the aluminum plank floor!
Winter trailer loading on a Portax
Champion Horse Loading

Böckmann Trailers and Accessories

Böckmann is a success story which started in 1956. Böckmann prides itself on innovation and horse safety, paying great attention to small details. For this reason, Böckmann has become the market leader for horse trailers – voted #1 in Germany and one of the leading trailer brands across Europe. All Böckmann Horse Trailers have standard features that come on all models. Depending on the series and the trailer, there are various accessories available.

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