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New style  2023 Böckmann Comfort in Dark Metallic Red!
2 horse - 17 hands, Metallic Dark Red + Optional Air Vent in Roof,  Loaded Tongue Weight: 215 Lbs English version tack storage, rear ramp/straight load,  internal height 7'6" Large Horse Head Decor - Add a Tie Bar/Saddle Rack for $190 Tow with your SUV!
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ARRIVED! Red Metallic 2023 Böckmann Comfort Western: 2 horse trailer, Independent Braking System - never be pushed by your trailer! Straight Load - 16 hands, Internal height 7'6", Dual Axle
Included Options: Metallic Red,  Rear Door-Ramp Combo, Small Andalusian Decor, External Tie bar Western tack storage, rear ramp load, LTW max: 215 Lbs