Big Champion R 2021 21-011Slate Grey

Big Champion R 2021 21-011Slate Grey

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This gorgeous 2021 Big Champion will take you where you want to go!
The Big Champion R is perfect for horses to 18hh wearing an 84″ blanket.
Two 33″ wide stalls, 7’6″ internal height, Tow with SUV;  LTW: 215 Lbs,

Slate Grey Polyester Roof & Front Bow,  Small Horse Head Decor, Silver Anodized aluminum Wall & Floor, Two Horses – 18hds,


Arrive in Style with a 2021 Big Champion R with Slate Grey Bow and Roof!

(Photo of slate grey trailer – Courtesy of Böckmann Center Weimar)

The Big Champion R is the entry-price model of Böckmann’s 18hh models. It is welcoming to large and small horses. Generous 33″ wide stalls are comfortable yet supportive for your horses, with ample head space ahead of the chest bar.  You can easily fit the stall to the horse you are transporting, due to the adjustable stall bars. Riding on the exclusive WCF suspension, your horses have the smoothest possible ride.

Photos and Video of Big Champion with SLATE GREY ROOF/BOW upon arrival – Video below is a previous Model – ONLY DIFFERENCE WILL BE ROOF/BOW COLOUR

Robust design for longevity

The Big Champion has a galvanized chassis frame and anodized aluminum extruded wall panels are protected against rust and corrosion. A uniquely designed polyester roof changes the air flow reducing drag and sway behind a bumper-pull trailer. This design plus only 4% of towed weight leaning on the trailer and self-adjusting mechanical brakes, make a Böckmann horse trailer the perfect fit behind a mid-size SUVs.

Böckmann puts horses comfort first

Your horses balance themselves more easily and can clear their sinuses during transit because of lower trailer tie positions.  Pop-out tinted windows protect horse’s eyes while bringing fresh air into the trailer. The external stall release system (MSS) keeps everyone safe in an Emergency. The 5′ ramp provides a lower incline and a larger platform for a horse to be able to stand with all 4 feet on the same plane.  This feature makes an easier entry and exit for young and old alike. The bright internal space is welcoming to your horses.

Safety and innovation

Trailering is not any easier than this! Safety features like a mounted full Spare wheel, wheel chocks, and hand brake to aid hitching. An integrated coupler lock is included in a rotating coupler. This unique coupler allows movement to release the pressures encountered in travel that pop other trailers off the tow ball.  Internal Stall and Saddle Cupboard lighting, simple stall bar connections, easy coupling system all make your life easier

This Big Champion model has the lovely small horse head decor on both walls, along with its stylish Slate Grey Metallic Roof and Bow- find your trailer in any parking lot!


Standard Features

  • Two pop-out tinted windows
  • Hay net ring in roof
  • Trailer Ties on side wall bracket
  • Internal Stall Light in White and Blue (for night driving)
  • Black kick plate,
  • Individually adjustable chest and rear stall bars in the stall – accommodates ponies to 18 hands.
  • All Wheel WCF Coil Spring Suspension, Trailing Arms, Dampers +Shocks,
  • KNOTT Overrun Braking System:All Wheel brakes, plus parking brake.
  • Stall wall foam-rubber padding and chest bars covered in black foam padding.
  • Rubber floor mat glued to floor and sealed at wall edge. Integrated rubber safety treads & side stops on ramp,
  • anti-panic stall system.
  • Storm canvas with integrated wind screen.
  • Integrated locking coupler plus spare wheel and cover, and wheel chocks.
English Saddle Chest. 2 telescoping racks for English Saddles, shelf, light, blanket rack broom, shovel, mirror on door, hooks,

Add a Tie Bar for $160


Slate Grey Roof and Front Bow,
Small Horse Head Decor

Pricing Options

Regular: $20,900

Monthly OAC: $281

Bi-Weekly OAC: $130