Big Master WCF 2021 21-002 Slate Grey

Big Master WCF 2021 21-002 Slate Grey

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The Big Master WCF – perfect for weekend events!
Slate Grey Colour,  Large Silver Competition Decor
Elite WCF (Coil Spring Suspension), All Wheel Braking

2 horse – 18 hands Loaded Tongue Weight: 215 Lbs, Total Length: 16’2″, Internal Height 7’7″


This Big Master will be a modest version – offered in the stylish Slate Grey colour and a Large Competition Decor in Silver.


The Big Master- and Elite model

The Big Master is Böckmann’s polyester elite 2 horse trailer for horses up to 18hh. Generous 33″ wide stalls, 7’7″ internal height, 5’9″ space ahead of the chest bar for a large tack storage area that accommodate 2 English or Western saddles. The reinforced Polyester superstructure (materials used in racing yachts) is built on a galvanized steel chassis. A coil spring suspension offers the ride of a Mercedes for your horses!

Big Master Standard features

The Big Master is the sleek, elite look of Böckmann’s “small” trailers. An aluminum floor means no worry of floor rot! The Galvanized steel chassis weathers Canada’s worst winters and hottest summers. The polyester roof reflects the summer sun’s heat, keeping the interior cooler relative to summer temperatures.  The rounded front chassis offers a large tack cupboard with 2 shelves, hooks, mirror, broom, shovel and 2 telescoping saddle racks for English Saddles.  Ask for them to be swapped for Western racks, at no cost.  There is additional storage above the saddle cupboard in the horse stall area. Portable Feed buckets and an extra rubber mat for wear protection against pawing or road studs/corks, rounds out some of the highlights.

For your Horses:

Every Böckmann 2 horse trailer has a 5′ rear entry ramp covered with their patented integrated rubber treading. External stall bar release points keep you safe when dealing with emergencies inside the trailer. Big Master trailers have the elite WCF Coil Spring suspension with an additional shock keeping the road chatter at the road. There is no better ride for your horses in a bumper-pull trailer! Two tinted pop-out windows plus a storm canvas allows you to regulate airflow through the trailer.  The Big Master is a welcome place to travel with 2 portable feed/water buckets, hay net hook, and a quiet yet bright interiors . A rear ramp entry via a 5’ramp with the patented integrated rubber mat makes it so easy to enter/exit in any weather condition.

2 horse – 18 hands,  Loaded Tongue Weight: 215 Lbs
7’7″ internal height, two 33″ wide stalls, Total Length 16’2″

Standard Features

Aluminum flooring covered by rubber mat covered by rubber mat – glued and sealed around the edges;
Galvanized Steel Chassis
Additional rubber mat for wear protection from corks,
Elite WCF Shocks/Coil Spring Suspension – horses have the smoothest ride ;
5′ rear ramp load with Böckmann’s safety rubber tread ;
Clear PVC stall divider on galvanized tubular steel;
Additional stall bar padding on chest bars;
Stall Wall padding
Automatic canvas storm lift with integrated wind screen;
External Release (MSS) for chest and rear stall bars,
2 pop-out tinted windows,
Polyester Side Brace Covers and polyester Fenders- standard features for the Big Master (optional on other models)
Integrated locking coupler plus spare wheel and cover, wheel chocks stored under the chassis.
Two removable water/feed buckets, hay net ring, trailer tie rings

Saddle Chest with 2 telescopic English Saddle racks + Kit (Mirror, net, broom & shovel), 2 shelves, blanket rack), multiple hooks, access from the driver’s side of trailer, and from inside the trailer on the passenger side


Slate Grey
Large Silver Competition Decor
No Covered Side Braces
Black Plastic Fenders

Pricing Options

Regular: $23,600

Monthly :    OAC: $316
Bi-Weekly: OAC: $146