Champion R Western 2023 #23-024, Dark Blue – Arrived!

Champion R Western 2023 #23-024, Dark Blue – Arrived!

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Champion R Western (2023) – Arrives April

A Sporty horse trailer with the Dark Blue Metallic Polyester Roof & Front Bow, Small Andalusian Decor and Rear Ramp-Door Combo (Converts from Ramp load to Step-up).  Anodized aluminum wall panels that keep the trailer cool; lower stall bar settings for typical QH, Arabs, Paso Finos or gaited horses;
Great for heading to the trails, cattle sorting or barrel racing. Tow with your SUV or Light-duty truck!

Two Horses – 16hds –  14’9″ Total Length,  Straight Load , Two 31″ wide stalls,
7’6″ internal height  Dual Axle  LTW: 215 Lbs (4% of GVWR)



 Sporty and Stylish in one Champion R Western Horse Trailer…for two!

The Champion Western horse trailer is your sturdy partner whether shipping from home to lessons, or heading to the forest for a quiet ride.  Designed to withstand the Canadian Winters, rainy Springs and the heat of our summers, the Champion model works to keep your horses at the right temperature! The roof design reduces sway and drag, making it a friendly trailer for the smaller tow vehicle. The 4% LTW German Road Regulation generates a design that supports the weight of the load over spread axles. The overrun braking system by KNOTT  self-adjusts the trailer’s speed to your tow vehicle.

Böckmann’s attention to detail- from the smooth finished interiors to the horse friendly dividers and windows, to the integrated locking coupler that swivels around the ball responding to the torques of transit – it is easy to see why this model is called the Champion!

NEW VIDEO Upon Arrival in April!

Strength in Style!

The Champion series is the strongest aluminum wall trailer you will find on the market. The Champion uses double wall anodized aluminum panels construction,  and a galvanized steel chassis frame. The extruded panels create an air pocket between the walls, which mitigates the suns heat, keeping your horses cool. All Wheel CFF  Independent Torsion Suspension +Shocks provides a super smooth ride in your Champion horse trailer.  You stay in control because of the all Wheel mechanical brakes (overrun system), plus hitching brake. Keep your trailer locked to your with the integrated coupler lock. The coupler easily rotates around the 2″ ball, as you traverse uneven terrain or make sharp corners.

For Your Horse

Stall wall foam pads and chest bars covered in black foam padding come as a standard feature on this sporty Champion. Control the air flow with 2 tinted pop-out windows and a rear storm canvas that has an integrated wind screen. Easily adjustable chest and rear stall bars makes your horse’s stall a comfy fit! Lower settings in the Western version with a shorter stall length, to better accommodate breeds used in Western riding disciplines.  Hay ring, snack bowls, bright white yet quiet interiors makes for an enjoyable ride.

For you:

The Champion saddle chest offers 2 Western fixed saddle racks for Western/English saddles, hooks, shelf, broom, shovel, mirror and door net for day sheets. Wheel chocks are stored under the chassis, for long term parking .  There is also a mounted full Spare Wheel. A tall crank handle makes hitching and unhitching a breeze! 20 yr Warranty on the aluminum plank flooring!! What are you waiting for?

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Standard Features

  • Total Length: 14’9″, two 31″ wide stalls, Internal height 7’6″
  • Anodized aluminum extruded panels – internal air pocket acts as insulator
  • Built on galvanized steel chassis
  • Individually adjustable chest and rear stall bars in the stall
  • Shorter Stall Length than the English Version – better accommodates ponies to 16 hands.
  • All Wheel CFF  Independent Torsion Suspension +Shocks,
  • All Wheel brakes, plus parking brake.
  • Stall wall foam pads and chest bars covered in black foam padding and Black kick plate.
  • Rubber floor-mat glued to floor and sealed at wall edge.
  • Integrated rubber safety treads & side stops on 5′ rear ramp,
  • MSS Quick Release stall-bar system – releases stall bars from outside the trailer.
  • Rear Storm Canvas with integrated wind screen closes space above ramp.
  • Integrated locking coupler plus spare wheel and cover.
Western Tack Locker: 2 wide Saddle racks, shelf, light, blanket rack, broom, shovel, mirror on door, hooks, net, stool


Dark Blue Metallic Roof and Front Bow
Lower stall bar settings & Shorter stall length to better accommodate western breeds
Small Andalusian Decor
Rear Door/Ramp Combo
Western Tack Locker

Pricing Options

Regular: $27,200
OAC Monthly: $395
OAC Bi-weekly: $182