Grand Master SKA 2021 20-037 Cool White

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Grand Master SKA 2021 20-037 Cool White

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Stand out with the 2020 Grand Master SKA – offering a extra room for you and your horses – striking towed behind any tow vehicle!
Beautiful white Poly Body/Roof, Poly Side brace Covers and Fenders in Silver Metallic, Alloy wheels, Large Competition Decor,  Elite WCF Suspension + Unique Saddle Storage area, aluminum floor & galvanized steel chassis!

2 horse – Straight Load,  up to 18 hands, Total Trailer Length: 17’3″,  LTW max : 250Lbs   GVWR  2700kg/5952LBS .
7’7″ Internal Height, Two 33″ wide stalls,

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ARRIVED!  The Grand Master SKA is a new model in the Long Series of Böckmann’s beautiful PRP class, arriving here in the COOL WHITE with Metallic Silver Side Brace Covers & Fenders and Competition decor.  An extra 30cm of floor space ahead of the chest bar, as compared to the Big Master model, provides a very roomy feeling.  Super trailer for large ponies to horses of 18hh, with its increased weight to 2700kg/5952LBS GVWR  (250lbs max LTW, 4% of total weight towed).

A new model in the Master line-up, the Grand Master SKA makes a statement. The uniquely Böckmann alloy wheels are a standard feature on the Grand Master. Beautiful black inset for the 2 sliding lateral windows on each side is a great contrast to the silver metallic walls and roof. The black inset is a standard feature for the Grand Master models. A roof vent, also standard, draws air into the trailer.

Extra long and rated for 2700kg/5952lbs GVWR, this trailer has room for 2 horses to 18 hh, hay and your tack. Two 33″ wide stalls + internal height 7’6″ with an extra 2′ ahead of the chest bar offers room for you to change or sit out of the rain when at a competition or trail. Easily towed by mid to large SUVs and all trucks, the Grand Master will turn heads wherever you tow it.

The polyester walls are reinforced with plywood reducing both the overall weight of the superstructure, but also acting as an insulator. The walls reflect the sun’s heat vs absorbing it, so the inner temperature is cooler than the external temperature on a hot sunny day!   You can choose any colour of  wall and roof and be assured of a cool interior for your horses in hot weather, and a warm one in the cold Canadian Winter.

The Grand Master SKA’s extra length allows for side positions for portable feed buckets. Hay net rings on each side of the trailer, and trailer tie loops at the chest bar. Two sliding tinted windows on each wall, a roof vent and vented & integrated wind screen in the rear storm canvas, offer you lots of  air flow control. The rear storm canvas of the Grand Master series is specially designed with 2 individual screen flaps + permanent rear vents. Adjustable stall bar settings allow you to create the correct stall space for your horse. The central post and swivel dividers is the system known from the Portax models, allowing you to increase room for loading or for working grooming or tacking up on the trailer!

Easy access to the saddle storage from both inside and outside the trailer – the features that make this a superior trailer are endless. From the WCF suspension system (coil spring/trailing arms additional dampers and shocks), galvanized steel chassis with galvanized and stainless steel hardware, reinforced polyester walls and a polyester roof, rubber treading on the 5′ rear ramp, foam chest bar covers, and padded side walls, to the external stall bar release system and adjustable stall bar positions, tinted pop-out windows and excellent storage. What’s not to love??

2020 Grand Master SKA in Cool White with black inset for double sliding windows, Metallic Silver Side Brace Covers & Fenders and Large Competition Decor-

2 horse – Straight Load, for horses to 18 hands – internal height 7’7″; Loaded Tongue Weight: 250 Lbs max (4% of total weight towed))   2700kg/5952LBS GVWR .

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Standard Features

Standard Features
  • Böckmann Alu-flooring covered by rubber mat – glued and sealed around the edges;
  • Additional rubber mat for wear protection from corks,
  • Elite WCF Shocks/Suspension – horses have the smoothest ride ;
  • Böckmann’s safety tread rubber on rear ramp;
  • Central post with swivel divider panels, padded;
  • additional stall bar padding on chest bars; padded stall walls,
  • Automatic canvas storm lift in black with 2 individual integrated wind screens and permanent rear vents;
  • Quick Release Multi-Safe System for chest and rear stall bars,
  • Integrated locking coupler plus spare wheel and cover, wheel chocks stored under the chassis.
  • Two removable water/feed buckets
  • Unique Böckmann Alloy Wheels
  • Air Vent in Roof
Saddle Chest with 2 telescopic English Saddle racks + Kit (Mirror, net, broom & shovel), 2 shelves, blanket rack, multiple hooks, access from the driver’s side of trailer, and from inside the trailer on the passenger side.


Cool White with black inset window panel
Large Competition Decor