Portax K WCF 2021 21-021 Slate Grey

Portax K WCF 2021 21-021 Slate Grey

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ARRIVING FEB 2021! This 2021 Portax K  with a  SLATE GREY  Polyester Roof and Front Bow, Small Competition Decor
Load easily by ramp or step-up. Arrive at your event, open the front ramp, lead line on your horse, release the chest bar and exit the front of the trailer.
Anodized Aluminum panel walls, Anodized aluminum Floor, Galvanized steel frame and chassis, WCF Chassis, Rear Door-ramp Combo

2 horse – 18 hands, Straight Load, Internal Height 7’7″, Total Trailer Length 15’6″, Max  LTW: 215 Lbs
Two 33″ wide stalls


The Portax K – the Choice of Veterinarians!

This is a wonderful trailer if you trailer alone. Easy to load your horse using either the ramp or step-up option. When you arrive, open your front ramp, drop the chest bar and walk your horse out the front. No more undoing the trailer tie and running to the rear of the trailer to unload.

The Portax K offers swivel out saddle rack for both English & Western saddles that you can access from both sides of the trailer.   A sporty trailer for any Rider!

The stall dividers hang from a central post – this allows you to tack a single horse on the trailer by pushing aside the front panel. The full height groom door can be secured open when you are parked at an event, creating an open and airy place for your horses to hang-out. Sliding lateral windows + Air Vent in Roof and a rear Storm Canvas with integrated Wind Screen allow you to regulate the air flow in the trailer. Side wall padding and chest bar padding are standard features. Create the stall length you need for each individual horse you transport. The independent braking system and elite WCF Suspension mean that the trailer constantly adjusts its speed to the tow vehicle’s and leaves the road chatter at the road.

Built with Anodized Aluminum panel walls (internal air pocket as insulator) & Floor, Built on galvanized steel frame and chassis, WCF Chassis (Coil Spring suspension), Air Vent in roof, 2 Lateral sliding windows + Rear Door-ramp Combo are standard features

This Unit: Slate Grey Polyester Roof – Front Bow,  Small Competition Decor

2 horse – 18 hands, Straight Load, Internal Height 7’7″, Total Trailer Length 15’6″,  LTW: 215 Lbs
Two 33″ wide stalls


Standard Features

Anodized Aluminum panel walls & floor with rubber mat – sealed and glued, WCF-Plus shock/coil spring suspension system. Rear -Door Ramp Combination Panoramic window, stall padding, 2 sliding windows, roof vent, Quick Release Multi-Safe System for chest and butt bars

Front walk-off ramp…walk in the back and out the front –
Special Design: adjustable chest and centre-post/swivel stall divider makes it easy to exit out the front ramp

Foam bar covers on chest bars, adjustable rear bars, 2 hay net hooks, storm canvas flap with integrated wind screen and Böckmann’s famous rubber ramps with integrated safety treads plus broom and shovel
Integrated locking coupler plus spare wheel and cover, wheel chocks stored under the chassis.


  • Slate Grey Metallic Roof & Front Bow
  • English/Western Saddle Racks
  • Small Competition Decor

Pricing Options

Regular: $24,700

Monthly OAC: $315

Bi-Weekly OAC: $145