The Champion Series: A High Quality Horse Trailer at a Moderate Price

Built to last and balanced for fuel economy, the Champion series is all the horse trailer most horse owners will ever need!

Created for horses up to either 1.75m/17 hands at the withers, or up to 1.85m/18hands, the Champion series has a superstructure constructed of double-web profile anodized panels – the strongest profile available. These panels house air pockets which act as insulators for the horses riding within.

Well protected by this anodization process, the wall panels resist corrosion and pitting – no acid washing required! Anodization allows aluminum to be seated next to galvanized steel without breaking down, creating longevity for your trailer.

Thick Polyester roofs do not transmit heat like metal, providing a cooling effect during hot weather. Equipped with the European overrun mechanical braking system, galvanized steel side braces and chassis, Böckmann provides safety and stability for your horse.

Explore the Champion Series

Champion C

A simple horse trailer – no tack storage – with all Böckmann’s horse safety features; horses-17hh.


Champion R

English and Western models are sporty horse trailers with saddle storage; horses-17hh.


Big Champion E & SKA

New Design – English and Western models are larger horse trailers with saddle storage; horses- 18hh.


Protect the Ones You Love

At Maple Lane, we love our horses. What wondrous, beautiful creatures they are! Our horses are part of our family, so all aspects of their care is important to us. That’s why we use Böckmann horse trailers. Böckmann has many safety features and offers a smooth ride every time!

transport in championIn the Champion model, we know our horses are safe, comfortable and     riding in style. When we arrive at our destination, we know the horses will be well rested and ready for their day.

Champion Series
Choose a high-quality horse trailer at a moderate price! Built to last and balanced for fuel economy, the Champion series is all the horse trailer most horse owners will ever need!
Champion Horse Loading
Champion Horse Loading

Böckmann Trailers and Accessories

Böckmann is a success story which started in 1956. Böckmann prides itself on innovation and horse safety, paying great attention to small details. For this reason, Böckmann has become the market leader for horse trailers – voted #1 in Germany and one of the leading trailer brands across Europe. All Böckmann Horse Trailers have standard features that come on all models. Depending on the series and the trailer, there are various accessories available.

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