Portax  E  WCF

The Portax E  ( “E” for Easy Access) brings versatility in a trailer to a whole new level. It is designed for the horse to 1.82m/18 hands. A hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis, with the World Class WCF suspension provides a larger trailer with the ultimate smooth ride.  New Style – New Space!   GVWR of 2400kg/5291lbs.


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2023 Portax E - E for easy access! 2023 Portax E - Easy to access your horses and your tack from either side of the trailer through a Full Height Door. This unit has a Dark Blue Metallic Roof/Front Bow, small Competition Decor and External Tie Bar/Saddle Rack. Wide, bright and 7'6" internal height , 15'6" total length 2 horse - 18 hands, 33"wide stalls Loaded Tongue Weight: 215Lbs (4% of GVWR) Tow with SUV!  
 2023 Portax E - E for easy access! Portax E - Easy to access your horses and your tack storage from either side of the trailer through a Full Height Door. This 2023 trailer has a Black/Anthracite Metallic Roof/Front Bow, small Dressage Decor and 2 Portable Feed Buckets. Wide, bright and 7'7" internal height , 15'6" total length 2 horse - 18 hands, 33"wide stalls Loaded Tongue Weight: 215Lbs (4% of GVWR) Tow with SUV!  
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What Makes the Portax E WCF Unique?

Portax E …”E” for Easy Access!  Sporting two full height person doors – one on each side of the trailer – and an access door to the saddle cupboard from each side of the trailer, the Portax E  just makes life easier!    Add the versatility of the swinging stall panels that hang from the central post- allowing you to easily tack a horse on the trailer, add or remove shipping bandages or groom your horse – life gets simpler. The icing on the trailer cake is the ability to  simply switch from a rear ramp entry to a step-up with the pull of a pin! Easy access all way round!

Apply an exclusive decor by Jan Künster to tailor your trailer to you. The entire trailer sits atop the elite WCF suspension, which keeps the road chatter where it belongs- at the level of the road, not bothering your horses legs. Use of suspension design from the automotive industry such as trailing arms, coil springs, rubber dampers and added gas shocks, sets Böckmann apart from other trailer brands.  Added features for your horses include a roof vent to draw air into the trailer plus two sliding lateral windows and a rear storm canvas allowing you to adjust air flow. Side wall & divider panels are padded as are the chest bars, with trailer tie rings mounted at the chest bar bracket for ease of clearing sinuses – creating a comfortable travel stall.  Hay net rings in the roof, a bright, wide airy horse stall with adjustable stall bar settings make the Portax E an easy ride for your horses!

Saddle storage is accessible from both sides of the trailer and offers a unique swivelling saddle rack, so you can access your saddles from either side of the trailer. Now a taller tack locker- there is even more room for your gear.
2 Telescopic adjustable saddle racks for English Saddles, hooks on each door, broom with telescopic handle, shovel and internal tack locker light. Need to tack your horse on the trailer? A new magnetic panel holder keeps the rear panel open to create more space while tacking up.  Also convenient for loading the first horse!

  • air vent in roof
  • galvanized steel chassis
  • sliding lateral window on each side of trailer
  • single black plastic fenders
  • your colour choice of roof & front bow
  • chest bars covered in black foam padding
  • 2 hay net rings in roof
  • trailer tie rings on side wall
  • simple stall bar fastening with 3-angled rear positions/2 chest bar positions
  • side wall padding
  • lateral black kick plates
  • anodized aluminum, honeycomb click wall panels
  • swivelling stall divider panels hanging from a central post
  • solid PVC rear storm curtain with integrated wind screen
  • rear ramp entry with Böckmann patented integrated rubber treads and side stops, converts into step-up

The Portax E WCF

  • chest bar positions at heights suitable for warm bloods (2 settings)
  • 2 full height groom doors
  • rear stall settings with 3 positions adjusting stall length
  • English Saddle chest: Access from both sides of trailer with 2 adjustable telescopic saddle racks, hooks, shovel, broom, stool
  • Swivelling central stall divider
  • Hay net rings in roof

Type GVWR Total Height Total Width Total Length Internal Height Internal Width Internal Length Head Space Payload LTW
Portax E/SKA/K 5291 lbs 2400 kg 9’2" 2815mm 7’ 7” 2350mm 15’5” 4725mm 7’6” 2300mm 5’ 9” 1750mm 11’ 5” 3495mm 55” 1370mm 2912 lbs 1321 kg 211 lbs 96 kg

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Rubber Mat

  • Aluminum floor: extruded click floor panels made from robust double web profiles. This keeps road heat away from horses feet and legs.
  • Rubber mat is fully glued to floor and sealed to wall edges

Flooring Horse's Feet Aluminum floor

  • Locking North American 2″ couplers ensure you stay safely connected.
  • The superior overrun brakingsystem stops every time without ever pushing the tow vehicle.

Braking System

An assortment of Accessories are available for the Portax E WCF models:

Portax E with optional Poly Side Brace Covers and Fenders in Black Metallic
Solid Aluminum Rear Storm Door above ramp, Lockable (option)

At Factory Additions:

  • Colours for your Roof/Front Bow – Choose from 6 metallic + white at no cost or from 8 non-metallic colours for a surcharge
  • Coloured Polyester Fenders or Side Brace Covers in matching or contrasting colours to the Roof/Front Bow
  • Decors: Large or Small size, exclusive to Böckmann by Jan Künster in Anthracite/Black, multi-coloured or  Custom coloured
  • Interior Blue/White Light at rear of horse stall (above ramp opening)
  • Lockable Aluminum Storm Flap above rear ramp
  • Sliding windows in side roof (700x300mm)

Added Aftermarket:

  • Böckmann Exclusive Alloy Rims
  • Coupler Cover: protects coupling for winter
  • External Tie Bar/Saddle Rack
  • Foldable foal grill – to block space above rear ramp
    Foldable Foal Grill

    Portax E: Dressage Decor, optional Tie Bar/Saddle Bar, Black Roof/Bow
  • Full stall width bars – to create loose box for mare and foal
  • Head Divider: Lattice or Solid Stallion Divider
  • Mounting Step: foldable attached to rear ramp
  • Stall bar padding for rear stall bars
  • Sulky Holder on rear ramp
  • Decors by Jan Künster




The Portax E has a galvanized steel chassis frame. The steel chassis secures the aluminum floor panels. Under the floor, there are longitudinal bars as well as cross-member pieces to provide the greatest strength.


The Portax E WCF for has two 33” wide stalls + 7’7” internal height. The saddle chest sits in the wide nose of the trailer. Air Vent + two sliding lateral windows allow air to flow into the trailer. A hay ring in the roof in front of each horse stall and a bracket on top of the saddle chest offer different positions to tether hay bags or hay nets. Rings for trailer ties are found at the level of the chest bar.  This allows the horses to lower their heads for balance and clear their sinuses.

Swing the rear panel for easy loading

Easy to Load

Room for 2 horses to 17hh

Plenty of space for your Tack

Easy access to the horses & your gear

Trailer Features

Although features can be added to trailers, there are standard features on Böckmann Horse Trailers.

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