The Master’s Long Series: Elegance, Style and Space!

The Master’s Long series takes all the features of the original Big Master…and adds more! Extra space ahead of the chest bar in these 3 models offers more possibilities.

Similarly equipped as its smaller cousin- the Big Master WCF, with the European mechanical braking system (overrun braking by KNOTT), galvanized steel side braces and chassis, Böckmann provides safety and stability for your horse. Created for horses up to either 1.80m/18 hands at the withers, the Big Master 21 or either Grand Master SKA or SR models offer some robust features.  All of the Master Long Series models have fully polyester superstructure- strength and lightness in a proven design, without any wood products.

Thick Polyester roofs do not transmit heat like metal, providing a cooling effect during hot weather. Cool interiors in summer and warm ones during the colder months, the Master Series cares for the comfort of your horses. With the ability to hold pigments, Böckmann offers a variety of standard metallic and bright glossy colours to create a uniquely “yours” horse trailer.

Explore the Master’s Long Series

Big Master 21 English/Western

The extended version of the Big Master L with increased GVWR to 2700kg;  For horses-18hh.


Grand Master SKA

The tasteful choice!  For horses-18hh.


Grand Master SR

Ideal for 3 day eventers- with a full height storage cupbaord. For horses to 18hh


Protect the Ones You Love

Strength and beauty go hand-in-hand in a Master’s Long Series horse trailer, mirroring those qualities of the horses we love!  Horses are part of our family, so all aspects of their care are important to us.


That’s why we use Böckmann horse trailers. Böckmann has many safety features and offers a smooth ride every time!


Knowing our horses are safe and comfortable makes traveling in style, a pleasure! When we arrive at our destination, we know the horses will be well rested and ready for their day ahead.

Master’s Long Series
Looking for more head space for the larger Jumper or Dressage horse? Like the added style behind your premium SUV or Truck? Choose a superior-quality horse trailer designed to meet those specifications! Built for longevity and balanced for fuel economy, the Master’s L series is a cut above the rest in elegance and style.
Grand Master Curb Side
Grand Master Curb Side
Grand Master Curb Side

Böckmann Trailers and Accessories

Böckmann is a success story which started in 1956. Böckmann prides itself on innovation and horse safety, paying great attention to small details. For this reason, Böckmann has become the market leader for horse trailers – voted #1 in Germany and one of the leading trailer brands across Europe. All Böckmann Horse Trailers have standard features that come on all models. Depending on the series and the trailer, there are various accessories available.

Saddle Storage in Grand Master SKA and Big Master L
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